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Beer Cheddar Soup

4 tablespoons Tillamook® butter
4 tablespoons flour
3 cups milk
3/4 cup dark beer
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon crushed red chilies, choppped
2 cups Tillamook® Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded

This creamy, vegetarian soup cooks up quick and easy, boasting a thick, luscious texture and an irresistible mingling of flavors. Served with a crusty bread, it’s the perfect comfort food.

Heat butter in sauté pan. Add flour and cook on low heat. Stir mixture until it starts to bubble. Do not allow to brown. Pull off fire and set aside.

Heat milk in sauce pan until it is just ready to boil. Add garlic, salt and pepper and crushed red chilies. Stir mixture until just before boiling.

Add half of flour/butter mixture (Roux) and stir with wire whisk until at a low simmer. Additional Roux may be added to thicken. Stir constantly to avoid burning.

Turn down heat and add Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese and beer. Stir to allow cheese to melt. Texture should be smooth to the touch. May be reheated on low temp. (Do not boil.)

Courtesy of Billy Hahn, Executive Chef, Jake's Famous Crawfish Restaurant via tillamookcheese.com.

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